Monday, 29 June 2009

one down!

Well I can mark one off the list of to do's.
I have managed to piece together my Girls day out top. Wooohoo!
I am really happy with it. There are a few little things that need to be finished off, I missed a little bit of embroidery and I need to applique some roses around the centre shop, which I was debating about but I figure I have done this much work over the last 12 months a little more won't hurt.
I used Lecien fabric for the borders and am worried as they are fraying quite easily. I will need to be careful with handling and when I quilt it.
With the school holidays a success will usually encourage me to bring out the too hard basket and this horsey project has surfaced again. Last holidays I unpicked and resewed the blocks so that the embroidered blocks and the panel blocks were supposed to end up the same size but surprise- they didn't and I am lost with the busy-ness of it. Will leave them out for a few days and see if any inspiration hits. As always any suggestions more than welcome!
Off to finish my paper bag swap items! Deadline looming.

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