Sunday, 21 June 2009

On top of the world....

Yesterday Hubbie and no 3 son and I went for a drive to the Dandenongs. This is a lovely place to visit, very scenic and lots of lovely unusual shops.

We drove to the top of Mt Dandenong and the view was just super. We could see the city and the Bay, even though it was a bit overcast. At night it would be spectacular to see all the city lights and the surrounding suburbs too. We went shop hopping as Joe wanted to check out a shop that sold old books and he found something to buy. They also had old records and I just love flicking through them, often having a giggle at the cheesy records my mum had when I was a kid. I remember asking a student at work once if they knew what records were and they didn't have an idea what I was talking about! How sad. I managed to find an old Cobbers double album in mint condition to replace our old worn out one at home. What a treasure!
For those that don't know the Cobbers are an Australian Bush band and their songs are just fantastic. They bring back memories for us of when we were teenagers and this kind of music was quite popular. My husband used to go to Bush dancing before we met. I love to collect records of Musicals too. Last time I went op shopping I found a Sound of Music record in immaculate condition so home it came. I think the kids went OOHH Noo what did you bring that home for. I will make them listen to it just for punishment and to show them some respect! lol
Happy Sunday.
ps forgot to mention the lovley blue and white turkish ceramic trivet. We found a shop selling Turkish ceramics in Olinda. Talk about lost. Where we live we have a very large turkish population and I have never seen these ceramics for sale before here. It was just beautiful and there were so many blue and red plates. They were just magnificent I just had to have something small to take home.

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the Koyle's said...

It looks beautiful! (the plate and the views) I remember playing with some of my mom's records when I was a kid...we had the Sound of Music and the California Raisins! Too fun!