Saturday, 13 June 2009

going great guns

Well it is that time of the week again.
Did pennance at tennis this morning. If you end up on the bottom of the ladder you have to host the finals and man the canteen and umpire- so I spent the morning handing out hot dogs and dim sims as I can't handle the pressure of umpiring. At least there is a four week break between seasons.
Have managed to finish my May and June basket blocks. They are so easy to just pick up and do. I love them. I am up to date with them now so roll on next month.

One of the blocks was meant to have a little bird at the bottom. I didn't add it in but I may if I find some fabric that will suit.
I am anxiously awaiting my paper bag swap which Helen sent last week. I can't wait- she has picked some lovely fabric will post a pic once it arrives.

Two weeks to school holidays.........can you tell I am hanging out!

1 comment:

Narelle said...

Your basket blocks are very sweet.
My outlook express isn't working this morning, I'm happy to mail parcels at the same time.
I too am hanging out for school holidays!