Friday, 1 May 2009

swap arrived

Yesterday my redwork cushion swap arrived and I couldn't wait to get to the post office to pick it up!

Pat has made the most beautiful cushion for me and she also made some coasters in red fabric as well, I also got a lovely tape measure keyring. Nifty idea.

The handiwork on the cushion was even complimented by the mere males in this household! I usually just get 'yeah whatever'.

The cushion now has pride of place on the couch and the colours blend in well with my 'journey of a quilter' quilt that is over the back of the couch.

I hope the boys realise it is a look only cushion!

Cheers for now - I need to get moving and finish off the colonial bonnet for my neighbour it is nearly finished so won't take too much time. Definitely need to make a to do list for today before I forget all my things to do.

Finally a pic of miss Maisie-princess extraordinare in her usually position.
How can cats manage to be perpetually resting-until they hear the cat food that is.

have a good day

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the Koyle's said...

What a nice looking cushion! My mini-schnauzer actually sits on the back of my couch like that!