Sunday, 10 May 2009

happy Mother's day

Mother's day is here again and mum came up for a roast lunch. I set the table with the dinner set she made for our wedding. I used to use it a lot when we were first married but I managed to break and chip some pieces so I stopped using it but it got to come out today. It is a lovely hand painted dinner set. When she sees the roses now she cringes, as she painted it when she was a newbie to china painting. I love them anyway.

My first orchid spikes have bloomed and I am always excited as I love orchids. I cut them and brought them in to put on the table.

This afternoon we are off to visit mother in law. Not much stitching has happened this weekend and the little that did I can't show as it is for the 'friends swap'.
The boys brought me Keith Urban's new cd for Mother's day. I will put it in the car to listen to as no other person in the house appreciates his music as much as I do.
Hope you have had a lovely day.


the Koyle's said...

Handpainted!! Wow those look fantastic! Happy Mom's Day!

limpingalong said...

Your Mom made the china? WOW -- I'm totally impressed. It is beautiful!!