Sunday, 3 May 2009


Well I have had a flashback to a much neglected project thanks to an entry on this blog page
In May 2007 I started the 365 day journal quilt initiated by Leanne Beasley ( and I diligently recorded and transcribed to fabric my journal entries for one whole year. I added stitcheries and appliqued bits and pieces and even added small patchwork blocks to separate the months. Well a lot happened in that year sad and happy things and I loved doing it. When it was over there was a little sadness that it was over then the next question "what do I do with it".
I sewed the entries together and left it at that but I think now is the time to dust it off and finish it completely!

But how? I don't know if any of the others finished theirs, I know the yahoo group has been deleted. So it's time to do this project justice and complete it...

But then the next question--where do I put it? The top alone measures approx 240 x 165 cm...

What a dilemma, once I solve this one world peace should be a breeze?

On a different note, the Friends swap has begun and my swap partner is Narelle from Queensland. Her lovely blog is
I have started working on the 'f' component of the swap and thinking ahead to the next part.

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the Koyle's said...

I'm not sure about the size (in inches?) but what a fantastic item to hand on to your kids and grandkids! I'd make it into a quilt.