Tuesday, 7 April 2009

wash day!

Today was d-day. I have been putting it off for ages.
Today the dogs would get a bath! The weather was a little cool but I figure if they can happily swim in a cold dam they can have a bath in warm water. Hopefully if they stay a little clean they will be allowed to come inside when I am home and I have made them some lovely new rugs for in the house too.
On Sunday I dragged out my overlocker, which hasn't seen the light of day for at least 3-4 years, to sew up gun bags for hubby. He managed to get some off cuts of upholstery fabric for me to make him the bags. So I got to spend all Sunday afternoon making gun bags. I must admit they did turn out quite nice. He will have quite well dressed guns when he goes to the range!
and bonus the dogs have new mats as well.
on the 'real' craft front Block 11 of Girls day out arrived Saturday afternoon!
Only one more to go which I think will be the instructions on how to put it together. Yippee.
I am looking forward to putting the quilt together.

Off to change funnily enough I smell like wet dog!


Sew Lind said...

What a coincidence! I washed Gus and Kaeli yesterday, Kaeli is just out of season so it was a good time to give her a fresh new apple scent :-) They just have to make do with a cold hose out the back, Gus freaks out in the inside bath! It was the middle of a warm sunny day and they had a good towel down afterward and ran around madly to keep warm :-)

maisy and the boys said...

We have an old bath outside that I can wash the dogs in. there is no way I would wash them inside could you imagine! My dogs have a coconut smell, for now anyway. I noticed how smelly they were when I had to take coffee to the vets. I was a bit embarassed. What a bad mother.