Monday, 20 April 2009


This is what I got up to yesterday. You may recognise Miss Kitty an embroidery that my mum made when she was learning to embroider as a young girl. Last year we lost both my maternal grandparents and over the christmas holidays we faced the sad task of clearing their home. This was where we found Miss Kitty and other assorted doilies embroidered by mum. Some had holes or weren't finished on the edges so I wanted to incorporate them into a table runner or wall hanging for mum.
I used 30's reproduction fabrics but am not sure if I am totally happy with the result. You know the saying 'more is less' well I am worried that I have 'more is more' happening.
Would love to hear some opinions I must admit I am happier with the way it shows up in the photo. In 'real life' it seems very busy.
Mike and Sully weren't much help......

I love these Monster's inc. characters and no.1 son bought these for me ages ago from a supermarket. I have a soft Sully too that I would never let the kids play with.
They are part of my treasures in my dresser. There are more to show later.


Beeshebags said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog hun....with regards to your table runner for your Mum....nah it looks great...don't think you have the more is more happening. I like it....I'm going to be making my first table runner soon...although have more bags to complete yet! Hugs Naomi

Sew Lind said...

I love the pattern and colours with your mum's embroidery but if you're not happy sleep on it and take a fresh look at it tomorrow :-)
I love Monsters Inc too, especially the scene of Sully in the snow with the wind blowing through his fur, amazing!

the Koyle's said...

I know it's a day or two late but I think the Runner looks great!