Thursday, 26 March 2009

meet the boys

The boys in my blog title are my four legged boys Coffee and Monty.
they are both Curly coated retrievers. Coffee is a 2 yo liver curly and Monty a 7 1/2 yo Black curly. They are wonderful dogs originally bred for hunting and retrieving from the water. Natural born swimmers they love the water.
We got our first Curly 23 years ago and have alway had at least one.
With each I have done obedience training and have trialled with three of them.
Now it is Coffee's turn. He is quite a laid back well behaved young dog but I am sure his head hurts if he has to think too much!
Monty has slowed down a bit and I usually like to take him to the fun days where he loves the agility and casual stuff.
The pics are of Monty and his good trialling buddy Maddie the beagle taken in 2007 when they both got their CCD titles, and the next two are before and after shots of Coffee with Princess Maisy, it is hard to believe he was her size! She still doesn't take anything from him though-she rules the roost.
Coffee was the spoilt younger child as a pup and was allowed to have a cuddle on the bed but he just would crash. He was so cute. Now that he weighs over 35 kilos it is out of the question.
will post some crafty stuff on the weekend.......

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Sew Lind said...

Hi Marina
What gorgeous boys you have, Curlies are divine!! I think we already kind of know eachother through the CurlyAustralia Yahoo group. Fancy being kindred spirits enjoying both Curlies and craft :-).
Bye for now