Friday, 6 March 2009

internet down

Well it's the end of the week again....a lovely long weekend with Labour day holiday on Monday!
Our internet is down and has been for four days now, there are some unhappy chappies in this house. I have been allowed to use No 1 sons laptop and nextdoor's wireless broadband to check emails and have taken over today as I have some blog withdrawal. So I have visited my fav. blogs so now I can clean the house in peace.
I got a parcel with my super 'In the pink II fabrics' from in the States. Talk about efficient- the fabrics got here in a week! I usually like to buy my own fabrics for boms but I just love this range of pinks and choc. brown and they go with the other fabrics I have already bought for this quilt so no wastage!
Also received March's 'Girls day out' BOM so have been cutting and tracing that too! I will have to download Bunny Hill's March block too so I can keep up to date with that. I am sure I will find time on the long weekend-as long as the internet access comes back (boo hoo).
So no pics for now but I will post the pics once I can upload from the big computer and not have to use the laptop.
Happy long weekend..
ps we have had two days of drizzle and rain-it's just magnificent! Took the boys for a walk last night and they just ran around like maniacs. We love to walk in the rain and it's good for 'curling' the dogs' coats.

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