Friday, 13 March 2009


Well it is Friday once again.....

Craft show yesterday wasn't too hot. Didn't enjoy it very much and there wasn't much to get my interest. There weren't many stalls with patchwork fabric which we were mainly interested in.
I did see the Ric Rac stall, -a blog that I visit often and got to see the selvedge upholstered chair. You won't believe what you can do with selvedges. I was saving some to send to Jodie but DH and son found them on the table and threw them out. "well they are rubbish, aren't they?" was the response when I realised what they had done.
I found a lovely hand printed fabric stall by Kristen Doran ( and mum shouted me a piece of her fabric with beautiful Matroyshka dolls printed on it that can be made up into little dolls. She also had fabric with robots or tin soldiers that were also gorgeous. I can't decide whether to keep them to applique or make up the dolls..... The pictures above show the background fabric as well. See if you can spot the peacocks..
That was about it.
roll on the weekend.
Have to find a new project for the In the pink fabrics now that I won't be finishing the 'project that shall not be named'.
bye for now

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the Koyle's said...

Oooohhhhh!!! That peacock fabric is wonderful! It almost looks like redwork.