Saturday, 28 February 2009

quilt convention

This morning Hubbie and boys headed off to the motor show and I got dropped off at the Australian Quilt convention at the Exhibition buildings for a few hours of crafty bliss.
The quilts were just gorgeous with some lovely ones in the shape of delicious foods. There was a beautiful pavlova with berries on the top you just wanted to touch it. There were some lovely blue quilts which I would have loved to take home.
I wandered around the stalls at least four times, it is hard to take it all in on the first round. I bought a clover yo yo maker. I have always wanted to buy one. Also got some little buttons for my Girls day out quilt.

Happy saturday!
(Can't work out how to get the pics in the order and place I want. sorry about that..)

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the Koyle's said...

You lucky, lucky woman! How I envy you the quilt convention. I can't even imagine that kind of bliss! I wonder if they have something similar in the West.