Saturday, 21 February 2009

Peace and quiet

Friday I have a day off from work and get to have the house to myself.

I set myself a list of 'to dos' and amazingly got to tick most things off.

I managed to finish a redwork cushion that I have to make for a swap the only thing is I can't post a pic till the actual swap which is for May 2nd. (from 'on the verandah' blog
Don't know if I can hang out that long! I am really happy with it, it has turned out lovely, hope my swap person will like it. If I can't hang out I may have to just show a snippet......

Having some difficulties with my embroidery on my dove block. It seems to be puckering a lot I may have done it too tightly. Will try to press it to see if that helps or else I will have to unpick-not looking forward to that but I won't be happy with it otherwise.

Want to try to cut some fabric to make a top for the bushfire appeal. Raiding your stash just makes more room for new stuff and the AQC is only a week away! There are a lot of great sites that you can do things for. I have sent one top and some squares so far.
Have a lovely weekend!

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